The foundation supports individuals living in Switzerland with «helping others to help themselves» through scholarships for initial trainings, contributions for necessary re-education, personal projects, etc. We understand «helping others to help themselves» as an integral process.

What we offer

  • Easy application for a request; no unnecessary formalities (if necessary, help with making a request)
  • Consideration of the case from all sides; unusual projects also considered
  • Support with «escaping» from a difficult situation or to make a new start
  • Trust and confidentiality
  • Support which is thought through: What happens at the end of the sponsorship?

What we don’t offer

  • Compensation for state aid (social services, scholarships) or alimony payments
  • Support if an applicant is able to carry out the project on their own 
  • Support if we can’t see the motivation of the applicant
  • Support if the aim is only to optimise a situation and not to really break out or make a new start
  • Being a «drop in the ocean», i.e. unsustainable support which doesn’t include «helping others to help themselves»

What we expect from our applicants

  • Active cooperation to improve their own situation / personal initiative
  • Transparency before / during / after the sponsorship
  • At the end of the sponsorship, report stating what has been achieved – how was «helping others to help themselves» implemented?


Mrs. S. (45 years) is a single mother of three children who are still going to school. The family depends on social assistance. Because of an allergy, Mrs. S. can’t work in her profession as a hairdresser. She hasn’t been working since the birth of her children. Mrs. S. wishes to be financially independent again and to become an office employee with a commercial diploma. The foundation atDta has paid the training costs. Today, Mrs. S. works in her new job.

Mrs. A. (58 years) is a social pedagogue. After several years of unemployment, Mrs. A. takes the decision to work freelance and to create her own small institution where mentally disabled people can spend their holidays. The foundation atDta has paid a part of the start-up financing and granted her a long-term, interest-free loan.

Mrs. Z. (35 years) is a single mother and lives in a social institution for drug dependent persons with children. Her foreign professional diploma is not recognised in Switzerland. Mrs. Z. has managed to overcome her drug addiction and to work again. She loves sport and wanted to become a fitness instructor. The foundation atDta paid the training costs. Today, Mrs. Z. lives in her own apartment and works as an instructor in a fitness studio.